APS: THE POWER of aggregation. CREATING LEVERAGE that leads to BETTER PRICES at no cost to the producer.

APS helps independent natural gas producers meet or beat the market while lowering operation costs, for improved financial results.



  • Invoicing
  • Timely payment by wire transfer
  • Consolidated remittance schedule
  • Problem resolution
  • Resolution of Imbalances; meter discrepancies


  • Price strategies and methodologies
  • Pricing scenarios
  • Baseload; swing; trigger pricing; hedges; annual/fixed price; basis; index; costless collars and structured options
  • Price and market discovery
  • Pipeline tie-ins and meter sets
  • Capacity negotiations


  • Balancing
  • Nominations
  • Confirmations
  • Allocations
  • Pipeline bulletin boards access
  • Production pool operation and maximization


  • APS acts as a market watch dog
  • No cost to producer
  • Real-time daily market information
  • Market discovery and analysis

With APS as your marketing arm you reduce overhead and associated costs. What's more, by shifiting the burden of selling your production thru APS you can devote your energies to the competitive aspects of managing your business of drilling, exploring and growing reserves.

Not only can we improve your revenue stream, you'll see the effects on your profitability as well.